Unloading in difficult locations

AB Texel Group decided to use Terberg Kinglifters as its new truck-mounted forklifts. This efficient and compact equipment, in combination with a series of new curtainsiders, means the company can further expand its services to customers with general cargo or bagged goods. 

Terberg Kinglifters are fitted with 4-way steering, so AB’s driver will be able to unload curtainsiders even on narrow roads. It also means AB Texel Group doesn’t depend on equipment being present at unloading locations; a driver with a truck-mounted forklift always has his or her own forklift on hand to carry out the work.

Turnkey solutions for logistics needs in the agricultural and food sector

The expansion of the fleet of curtainsider trailers and truck-mounted forklifts is in line with AB Texel Group's strategy to offer customers in the agricultural and food sectors turnkey solutions for all their logistics needs. The services are designed around being able to unburden customers in every aspect of the logistics process, from the supply of bulk products to processors, to the delivery of ready-to-use products, whether in the form of bulk, bagged goods, or general cargo.

AB Texel Group mainly transports agricultural products, animal feed, flour, refrigerated food products, and liquid dairy. The company operates both a large fleet for bulk transport, and a substantial fleet of 150 curtainsiders and several dozen truck-mounted forklifts for general cargo and bagged goods. A series of new curtainsiders will take to the road later this year. In addition to logistics, AB Texel Group also offers warehousing and cross-dock services.

Local approach and commitment

AB Texel Group's working method is distinguished by a local approach and a high level of commitment, with a focus on efficiency and flexibility. The services include working with customers on optimising and integrating logistics processes.

Dennis Wetenkamp, CEO of AB Texel Group, says, “We enjoy shouldering the burden for our customers in all parts of the logistics process. Our personalised dashboards provide direct insight. We have almost 100 years of knowledge and experience, so we’re not afraid to take on any logistical challenge.”

AB Texel Group's extensive network in Western Europe offers plenty of opportunities to respond flexibly and quickly to the wishes and orders of both new and existing customers.