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AB Texel's operating area

AB Texel is active throughout Western Europe. From major factory complexes and construction area's to the smallest farms and from villages to city centres, our trucks go anywhere and everywhere to pick up and deliver products for our clients.

We serve our clients from various branches in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France and the UK. Each AB company has its own speciality. AB Texel's head office is located in Oudeschild on the Dutch island of Texel, the company’s birthplace.





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Are you looking for a reliable logistics partner for your food or agri business? Would you like more information about our services? We are always happy to help you, without obligation. The overview above includes the contact details of the relevant AB companies for each product group.

Are you not sure who you need to speak to? Then call or email our Lelystad office: T +31 (0)88 943 5000, E info@abtexelgroup.com

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