Our special responsibility

AB Texel delivers only the highest quality to you, our client. As a specialist in agri- and food transport, we take our responsibility for food and feed safety very seriously. For example, we provide ongoing training for our staff, with special attention to equipment hygiene and strict adherence to procedures. All drivers are qualified for the type of transport they perform, and they handle the products they transport with care. We work with modern equipment that is specially designed for the specific products we transport.

With all of our transport services - and particularly in special transport - ensuring the safety of our drivers, fellow road users and safety at loading and unloading locations is paramount. Our drivers receive extensive training in these areas, for example during toolbox meetings.

Naturally we also hold the required local and international certifications in (food and feed) safety, and various others:

Audits and coaching
To ensure that we always meet the latest requirements, we inspect our processes and procedures annually. Certifying bodies also monitor us regularly. We organise audits for all of our company departments. In addition, we provide our drivers with coaching in their daily activities, making adjustments where necessary. In this way we monitor the theory in practice. Not just in order to meet the requirements, but also so that we can continue to improve our processes and the service we provide to you. 
We’re transparent about our working methods and are always happy to talk to our clients about them. We also go out on the road with clients to observe actual situations in practice and make improvements where necessary.