A comitted neighbour

Via our own A-wareness Foundation, we want to contribute to a more socially inclusive society.

The A-wareness Foundation focuses on helping people who deserve more care and attention. People known to employees or living in close proximity to our AB Texel and Royal A-ware premises. As a committed neighbour, we want to contribute to projects that bring these people together and create amazing experiences for them.

The A-wareness Foundation provides support in many different ways: through knowledge, products, organising trips, financial donations and/or the deployment of volunteers.

 A selection of projects:

  • an all-inclusive day trip to the zoo for families on a tight budget;

  • an interactive sensory wall in a residential care home for disabled people;

  • snacks for an afternoon drinks event in a residential care home;

  • a Christmas gift box for people who could use a helping hand.

Would you like to become a Friend of the A-wareness Foundation?

A-wareness Foundation activities are made possible by the initiators, Royal A-ware and AB Texel, partners of both companies and by the Friends of A-wareness Foundation.

Do you like the idea of the A-wareness Foundation and would you like to support these activities? Become a Friend of the A-wareness Foundation for €10 a year. With your support and donation, we can organise lots of fantastic projects.

Request support for a project

Anybody can request support from A-wareness Foundation to contribute to a project. You don’t have to be a Friend of the A-wareness Foundation, or  directly connected to Royal A-ware or AB Texel either. It is important that there is a link between you and an employee or location. Please mention this connection in your request.

You can find more information on the A-wareness Foundation on the website.