Specialist in feed transport

AB Texel specialises in feed transport. From supplying raw materials to manufacturers, through to delivering feed to livestock farms, we ensure that your production can go on without a hitch. How do we do that?

Always close by

Thanks to our extensive network, we’re always able to meet your transport needs. Our detail-oriented planners are available 24/7 to answer your questions and make any changes needed. This allows us to guarantee smooth delivery and collection, at your preferred times. We provide this service in:

  • The Netherlands
  • Germany
  • Belgium
  • France
  • Denmark

A closer look at feed transport

Bulk and bagged feed

We transport both bulk and bagged feed. We have specific trailers for each of these.

We transport bulk feed using bulk tanks, sluice tippers, ZERO-T trailers and walking floors. These trailers have multiple compartments, which have the great advantage of being flexible. This means that we can easily combine loads and we’re able to deliver different products at the same time to one or more recipients. This is efficient, keeps our prices competitive, and means that we always have sufficient transport capacity for you.

For bagged goods we have a fleet of curtain-siders with truck-mounted forklifts, walking floors and box trailers with tailboards and electric pump trucks This equipment enables us to deliver bagged goods to any location, even where no forklift or pump truck is available.

Challenging delivery locations

Not all delivery locations are the same. Sometimes unloading needs to be done in narrow yards, or in a corner right at the back of a low shed. Naturally you're keen to provide good service to all your clients; we are too. That’s why we come up with smart solutions for delivering your feed to difficult locations. For example, take our 'special pipe', developed in-house. This pipe enables us to unload feed from a bulk tanker into a shed, in places that other trailers – such as walking floors – are unable to service.

With the ZERO-T trailer we can unload in strong winds, or in places where tipping isn't an option due to height restrictions. ZERO-T stands for 'zero tipping'.

Professional drivers & certifications

Our drivers undergo extensive training and they exclusively transport feed. They have years of experience, and know the hygiene requirements for all types of feed inside and out. You can count on them. Naturally we hold the GMP+ certifications for Feed Safety, as well as all other required certifications.

Driving under your own label

We are a dedicated partner for some of our clients, and drive in trucks branded with their livery. We handle the entire logistics process, so they can focus 100 percent on their core activities. Can we provide you with this service too? Don't hesitate to contact us.


Companies within AB Texel Group that specialise in feed transport are AB Texel Silo - Feed, AB Texel Feed Deutschland and AB Texel Feed België. AB Texel Distribution is specialised in bagged feed transport.

Want to know more?

Click on any of the companies above to get in touch. Our staff are always happy to help you. Are you not sure who you need to speak to? Call or email our Lelystad office.