AB Texel: market leader in potato transport

We are the market leader in Western Europe. We're very proud of this. With our extensive network and large capacity, we’re always able to meet your transport needs. We transport potatoes and other agricultural products from the grower to the processor, both in bulk and as bagged goods and general cargo. We also deliver and collect seed potatoes to and from warehouses and growers, or to the port for export.

In addition to potatoes, we transport other agricultural products such as:

  • Grain

  • Carrots

  • Sugar beet

  • Onions

  • Apples

  • Flower bulbs
  • Coffee beans

A closer look at agricultural transport 

Flexible transport

Harvest periods come later or earlier, and weather conditions change. These issues are difficult to manage. But they don't affect our transport. Our experienced planners are at your service 24/7 ready to make last-minute changes. We never say no, and we always offer a solution. All our drivers are specially trained in the transport of agricultural products, and will think along with you to find a solution when an unexpected change occurs.

Extensive international network

You can count on us to load on time. With our extensive international network we are able to serve you like nobody else can, no matter where your business is based. Our large vehicle fleet is ready to go at any moment. Delivery and collection fit with your logistics. Not the other way around.

Efficient, safe and sustainable

To us, quality, safety and sustainability are paramount. That’s why we use the best equipment, such as lightweight belt bulker trailers, walking floors and tippers for the transport of bulk agricultural products, and curtain-siders, walking floors and refrigerated trailers for transporting bagged goods and general cargo.

Naturally we have all the necessary certifications to ensure food and feed safety.

NAO-certified transporter and seed hygiene protocol

AB Texel Group is a Dutch Potato Organisation (NAO)-certified transporter. We follow a strict hygiene protocol:

  • When transporting seed, we sanitise the loading space in an NAO-certified truck wash facility.

  • We document all cleaning in our transport management systems.

  • This information is immediately accessible to supply chain partners.

We think proactively and make a positive contribution to developments in the chain. That's why we're part of the Hygiene Protocol Seed Potatoes Contact Committee (PCC) working group.


The following AB companies specialise in transporting agricultural products: AB Texel Nederland, Bosman Transport, AB Texel UK, AB Texel France, AB Texel BelgiëAB Texel Deutschland and AB Texel Distribution.

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