Both COMBEX Bouwlogistiek and Driessen Speciaaltransport have plenty of knowledge and experience in transporting (prefab) concrete and building materials. Driessen specialises in transport of precast concrete elements with inloaders in Germany, England and the Benelux. With this expertise, Driessen Speciaaltransport will strengthen COMBEX's service offering and can meet increasing demand for transport of prefab concrete elements. Joining forces creates a large and dense network, allowing equipment to be deployed even more efficiently. The companies also complement each other well geographically; Driessen has locations in the south of the Netherlands and Germany, while COMBEX is based in the north of the Netherlands. After the acquisition, the construction logistics branch will have a fleet of some 200 trailer units and more than 400 trailers, supplemented by 65 permanent charters. This brings the total for AB Texel Group as a whole to 1,350 lorries, 2,400 trailers and around 190 charters.


COMBEX and Driessen have the shared ambition to provide excellent service to their customers, both domestically and abroad; not just now but also in the long term. "We want to be able to continue to offer capacity and flexibility to our clients, even in a changing and growing market. AB Texel Group's acquisition of Driessen Speciaaltransport makes this possible," says Frank van Kerkhof, director of COMBEX Bouwlogistiek.

Fred Driessen, director of Driessen Speciaaltransport, says: "The market is growing at a fast pace and this calls for strength for the future. That's why I started looking for a strong partner to join. COMBEX and AB Texel Group were a logical choice. The acquisition will guarantee continuity for both our clients and our staff."


Driessen Speciaaltransport will continue to operate as an independent company. As of 1 October, Frank van Kerkhof will be the managing director of COMBEX Bouwlogistiek and Driessen Speciaaltransport, with Fred Driessen taking on the roles of Director Germany and Business Development Manager. Together with Edwin Kronemeijer and Wieke Wagenaar, who are also on the management team, they will work to continue the development of the construction logistics sector.

Dennis Wetenkamp, CEO of AB Texel Group, says of the acquisition: "We want to be a strong player in all the markets in which we are active, so we can provide our clients with the best logistics services. This applies to both the construction and the agricultural and food sectors. We grow with our customers, and together we strive to improve."

Driessen Grondwerken is not part of the acquisition.