During a recent AB Transport Group fleet event, Dennis Wetenkamp (CEO AB Transport Group) and Michiel Kuijs (European Sales Director DAF Trucks) signed an agreement for the delivery of 750 new DAF trucks in 2023 and 2024.

The theme of the event was Sustainability, a subject in which close collaboration with partners is essential. DAF and AB Transport Group already have a long-term strategic partnership in the area of vehicles, leasing and maintenance. “Growth can only be achieved if our organisations are strong and professional,” says Dennis Wetenkamp. DAF were selected as their vehicles offer low fuel consumption, a high level of driver comfort and improved safety in the new generation of trucks.

AB Transport Group is a leading logistics service provider in agri-food (AB Texel Group) and construction (Combex Group). Approximately 1600 trucks are on the move every day, to supply agricultural products, animal feed, liquid dairy, refrigerated food products and (prefab) concrete and building materials. 

In the photo from left to right: Piet Dubbeld (Procurement & CSR Manager AB Transport Group), Michiel Kuijs (European Sales Director DAF Trucks NV), Dennis Wetenkamp (CEO AB Transport Group), en Jürgen Franken (Fleet Sales Manager DAF Nederland)