Transportcentrale Roosendaal (TCR) specialises in the transport of prefab building materials and agricultural transport. Combex will assume responsibility for these operations, meaning agricultural transport will be transferred to Bosman Transport, which, like Combex is part of AB Transport Group. All 27 employees currently employed at TCR will be acquired as well as the fleet, which consists of 21 trucks, 40 trailers, 30 inloaders and 20 containers.

After the addition of TCR, the entire AB Transport Group will consist of approximately 2,500 employees, 1,620 trucks and 2,690 trailers.

Transportcentrale Roosendaal is part of Transportcentrale Rotterdam. Director Quinten van Dobben: “We will increase our focus on container transport in the ports, which is our core business. In Combex and AB Transport Group, we have found a strong and reliable organisation who we fully trust to successfully continue operations with our employees and clients.”

Combex is the independent (knowledge) partner for construction logistics in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, providing a total solution for customised transport. Efficient, flexible, sustainable and able to ensure continuity through expertise, data and its own transport. Frank van Kerkhof, director at Combex: “This acquisition strengthens our position and operations in the southwest of the Netherlands and Belgium. It puts us in an even stronger position to offer our clients flexibility, continuity and capacity in a volatile and challenging market.”

Zeeland based Bosman Transport specialises in agricultural bulk and palletised transport. Bosman Transport transports, among other products, vegetables, grains, sugar beet and palletised products such as onions and canned goods. TCR’s agricultural transport is an excellent addition to its existing operations.