A stronger organisation
As a transport partner in agri, food and construction, we help our customers to realise their ambitions every day. We work together in the chain to optimise logistics processes. To respond effectively to the (changing) demands of our customers and to increase efficiency, we will implement structural changes to our organisation: not only in terms of the market, but also the type of transport. This includes merging our general cargo operations into one company.

One company for general cargo transport
We have experienced significant growth in bagged goods and general cargo transport over the past year. With a fleet of around 150 curtainsiders, we serve an increasing number of customers and are strengthening our distribution network, providing these services from different companies. Over the coming months, we will combine our specialist services and merge the transport of general cargo for animal feed, flour, seed potatoes and construction into a single company, to reinforce our position in the transport sector.

New logo
The new organisational structure requires changes to our market oriented brand policy. We have chosen to move forwards as one strong brand: AB Texel. Our logo has been adapted accordingly: ‘Texel’ has been added to our widely known and trusted AB logo with a green dot. This change ensures our logo reflects our evolving brand. We will continue to build on the success of AB Texel under one banner.