‘This acquisition was considered extremely carefully’, says Erik Schiphorst, CEO of Nijhof-Wassink Group. ‘As a family business, our continuity is always a focus area. Our colleagues play an important role in this. The core business of the transport companies in the Nijhof-Wassink Group, Nijhof-Wassink and Wemmers, is bulk transport and warehousing for clients active in the chemical, food and animal feed industries. To facilitate further excellence in this field of activity with its fleet of more than 750 trucks and trailers, and to provide growth opportunities for Ecotrans Logistics, the best future for Ecotrans Logistics and its employees was considered. Acquisition by AB Texel Group offered that option.’

‘We are pleased to be able to join forces with Ecotrans Logistics. The company and its professional team are a good match with us. We would like to warmly welcome our new colleagues’, says Dennis Wetenkamp, CEO of AB Texel Group. ‘The acquisition strengthens our foundations in bagged goods distribution, a specialist area we have committed strongly to in recent years. We have sharpened our focus so we can offer a complete solution for the specific logistics needs of clients in the agri and food sector, and provide them with a full service experience. And our dense network, data and skilled teams are the keys to success.’ After the acquisition, the modern fleet of AB Transport Group will comprise more than 1,700 trucks and 2,650 trailers, of which 150 curtainsiders.
Dennis Wetenkamp adds: ‘A strategic choice and part of the agreement is that Volvo and Renault Truck dealership Nijwa, a subsidiary of Nijhof-Wassink Group, will supply our Volvo and Renault trucks and parts. They will also intensify cooperation with our DAF Service Partner TSF.’