Your flour transporter

AB Texel is specialised in flour transport, and we know exactly what's involved in loading, transporting and unloading this product. Our customers see the difference.
We transport more than 300 types of flour from producers to buyers, from village bakeries through to large factories. Thanks to our extensive fleet, specialised drivers and a dense network in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, we are always able to meet your transport needs.

From general cargo to bulk transport

Whether you want to transport flour in bulk or in bags, we have the right trailers for every type of transport.

We transport bulk flour in specific trailers such as silo trucks and bulk trucks with 4, 5, 7, 11 or 12 compartments. This allows us to transport several types of flour at once, without any risk of mixing. We can also use tippers for high volumes.

To transport bagged goods we have box trailers with tailboards and electric pump trucks, and curtain-siders, with or without truck-mounted forklifts. This means that our drivers are always able to unload, even when there’s no pump truck or forklift available at the bakery. This prevents unnecessary delays.

A closer look at flour transport 

Weighing system

A number of our trailers are equipped with weighing systems. These have the advantage of allowing us to supply multiple customers from a single compartment, making our transport more flexible and efficient.

Storage and transshipment

We can also take care of your storage and transshipment needs. We have a warehouse in Heerenveen in which we only store flour, packed in sacks or big bags. We are able to supply your clients from this warehouse at any time. We are able to load big bags into our bulk trailers if required.

Never far away

Thanks to our extensive network in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, we can always deliver at your preferred time and we never drive too many kilometres. This enables us to offer a competitive price, and we emit less CO2 to boot. That’s good for your wallet, and good for the environment too.

Food safety is our priority

Naturally our transport complies with all food safety requirements. In addition to holding the required food safety certifications, we like to go the extra mile. For example, we work with our trailer suppliers to develop new cleaning techniques. And all our drivers are trained in flour transport and the associated safety requirements.

Want to know more?

Would you like to know more about our flour transport services? Contact AB Texel Silo - Dry Food (bulk transport) or AB Texel Distribution (bagged goods). Our staff are always happy to help you.