AB Texel Liquid Food België

Otteca 24
8780 Oostrozebeke

info@abzuivel.be +32 56 66 70 26

AB Texel Liquid Food België

AB Texel Liquid Food België, located in Oostrozebeke in West Flanders, specialises in the transport of milk in addition to other liquid dairy products, such as cream. Our experienced drivers transport thousands of litres of dairy products every day, both from dairy farm to factory and from factory to factory.

AB Texel Liquid Food België is an informal, accessible company, with direct points of contact. Management, planning and administration all work at the same location in Oostrozebeke. We offer 24/7 service. So you can be sure that the milk is collected and delivered on time.

More information? Director Tom De Lange will be happy to assist you.


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Director - AB Texel France, AB Texel België, AB Texel Feed België & AB Texel Liquid Food België

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