AB Texel: A committed partner

We are a committed and reliable partner. It goes without saying for us that we invest in good relationships with our clients and staff. This often results in long-term collaborations. We also do our best to reduce the burden on the environment by investing in sustainability. We do our bit for society with our own A-wareness Foundation.

Healthy and safe working - and with pleasure

At AB Texel, we want our employees to enjoy their work, and to work healthily and safely. Until retirement. This is important to us, so it’s something we invest in.

For example, we have our own tailor-made training courses via the AB Move on Academy, we use the AB Connect app to keep staff informed and engaged, and with initiatives like AB Café and AB Fit we help our staff to stay fit both physically and mentally. And it goes without saying that we provide flexible, appropriate work schedules and ensure that wages are paid out correctly and on time. 

Read more about our training courses and initiatives to promote and maintain employee health and commitment. Or check out our website 'Working at AB Texel'.

A partnership with added value

Whether the client is big or small, our aim is always to go for long-term collaboration. You can achieve more together than you can alone. That’s why we want to keep on working together to improve, and we think in terms of the best interests of the chain as a whole.

Our green dot for the environment

Transport takes its toll on the environment. There is no denying it, but we’re working to minimise that burden as much as possible. You'll see a green dot in our logo: this dot symbolises our efforts to achieve more sustainable transport and a better environment.

 At AB Texel Group we dare to experiment and innovate. 95% of our CO2 emissions come from actual physical transport movement, so most of our gains can be made by making transport more sustainable. We do this by:

  • Reducing fuel consumption as much as possible.

  • Technical innovation in our fleet.

  • Optimising our planning.

In recent years we have implemented a number of successful initiatives to reduce our emissions. And with results! A few examples are given below. Want to know more? For detailed information please click here.

  • Our AB driving style coaches help our drivers to drive more economically.

  • We invest in new (fuel-efficient) trucks. Our vehicles are just four years old on average, and are equipped with Euro-6 engines and the latest systems for fuel efficiency.

  • Part of our vehicle fleet already runs on LNG, and we're rolling this out further.

  • Making efficient use of our dense network allows us to constantly reduce our empty kilometres.

  • By reusing tyres, we save resources.

  • We engage with our clients on sustainable optimisation.  

Committed to the community

Through our own A-wareness Foundation we support projects around our locations in the Netherlands and other countries. These are aimed towards people who could use a helping hand. This is the public face of our involvement in the community.