The world of the client

Understanding your client’s world is essential and provides valuable insight. What are the client’s needs and which dilemmas do they face? And what about the needs and requirements of their own clients? Understanding these different perspectives, and thinking and collaborating with others further along the chain, allows the transport chain to really distinguish itself. AB Texel Group has almost 100 years of experience in, and affinity with, the agricultural sector. This is evident in the way the organisation connects chain partners.

Organising transport for the potato industry is extremely challenging, as no season or day unfolds in the same way. Rapidly changing environmental factors have a major impact on this part of the chain. These factors include the quality of the product, the amount of rainfall or severity of drought, the growing region and factory conditions. All of these factors have a frequent and unpredictable impact on transport planning. Efficient lines of communication and the ability to adapt quickly are essential characteristics, and are integral to operations throughout the entire AB Texel Group organisation.

Unique planning control

Alongside the large European network used to manage peak client periods, AB Texel Group’s method of planning is also unique. The organisation incorporates all orders from its wide range of clients into a single planning system. This is more convenient, enabling equipment to be deployed as efficiently as possible and minimising the amount of empty kilometres.

We also play a significant role in coordinating the supply planning, which means the lines of communication between growers and factories are efficient and allow everyone to respond and adapt quickly when required. This also means that AB Texel Group receives the production planning from the factories and is in direct contact with external employees and growers in order to produce a suitable planning. Direct lines of communication, in order to adapt quickly to changing circumstances and inform all stakeholders effectively and on time.


AB Texel Group is investing in innovation to further improve its planning coordination role. One example of this is the AB Track app, which has been designed to inform growers about the status of a transport order. It provides insight and information about the truck and time of arrival, enabling growers to factor this into their own schedule. Additionally, a client portal is currently being developed, in which AB-trailer deliveries to different factories can be monitored. Sharing information is essential to allow partners in the chain to quickly respond and adapt to each other’s challenges and requirements, as efficiently as possible.