Flexible, efficient and reliable: We are the market leader in the transport of potatoes and other agricultural products in Western Europe.
We specialise in the transport of liquid diary products. For professional, fast and reliable tanker transport, from the farm to the factory.
For problem-free delivery and collection of raw materials and feed, in bulk and bagged goods, at the times you request. That means no production downtime.
AB Texel transports more than 300 types of flour from producers to buyers, both in bulk and bagged goods. We also provide storage and transfer for bagged goods.
For fast and efficient refrigerated food transport. AB Texel also provides warehousing in our refrigerated storage locations.

How do we do that?

  • Taking logistics worries off your hands

    Taking logistics worries off your hands

    As an agri, food or contstruction business, you need the assurance that your logistics process is running optimally. To know that raw materials will be delivered at just the right time, and also that you can respond quickly in an emergency situation. For this reason, taking care of logistics is our top priority at AB Texel. Thanks to our company’s size, we’re able to provide optimal service to all our clients, from the smallest to the very biggest. We’re flexible, and thanks to our dense network we’re able to scale up and down quickly and easily at any time.

    We do this with our trademark commitment, and sensitivity to local business practices. We have truck stop locations throughout the country, we believe in direct communication, and we’re flexible when it comes to finding solutions. Our drivers show this same commitment. Most of them have a background in the agri or food sector: they know their way around a farm and are familiar with the ins and outs of the food sector. They are qualified and professional, and if something unexpected happens they’re able to think along with you to deal with it.

    Insight through customised dashboards
  • Insight through customised dashboards

    Insight through customised dashboards

    The numbers tell the tale. That’s why, in addition to taking care of logistics, AB Texel has taken things a step further by using data dashboards. Over the past few years we’ve made substantial investments in developing our IT systems, enabling us to retrieve the required data quickly. We use this information to give you, the client, clear insight into the results of the overall logistics process.

    We can see at a glance things like the number of empty kilometres driven per day, CO2 emissions, and the places where there are long waiting times for loading and unloading, for example. Real-time data is also an option, so you can follow your shipment using track & trace.

    The dashboards are customised: you decide which data you want to focus on. You don't do that alone, but together with our data analysts. They will be happy to help you fine-tune the dashboard

    Taking logistics worries off your hands Optimising together
  • Optimising together

    Optimising together

    Measurements also serve to stimulate improvement. We work with the client to examine the relevant data from the dashboard, and look for areas where changes can be made. How can we make the logistics process more efficient? Can the order process be set up more intelligently, and what are the options for optimising trip planning?

    Once we’ve identified the areas for improvement, we look for solutions together. We monitor these results too, using the data dashboard and the help of our team of experts in logistics, data, HR and IT.

    The result? An optimal process, from ordering through to delivery.

    Insight through customised dashboards Integrating together
  • Integrating together

    Integrating together

    We go the extra mile for our clients in this area too: how can we provide even more support to you in the supply chain? Our philosophy is that by combining our knowledge and positive qualities, together we achieve the best results. For example, we can take over the entire stock planning process for you, so you know that you’ll always have the right raw materials delivered at just the right time.

    We work with you to look for ways to further integrate our business processes. We do this in collaboration with a team of AB Texel experts, with short lines of communication and direct points of contact. These enable us to quickly translate your requirements into practice.

    Optimising together

Our fleet: Sustainable, safe and modern

At AB Texel,  the quality of our services is paramount. For this reason, we invest only in the best equipment. Our vehicles are premium brands and feature the latest technology. We also provide excellent maintenance, preventing any unnecessary delays on the road. The size of our fleet allows us to organise our trips very efficiently so our vehicles do not drive one kilometre too many. That's both faster and more sustainable.

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AB Texel: The most respected logistics service provider

As an agri, food or construction company, you need a reliable transport partner. One that takes care of the logistics process from A to Z, in the most innovative and efficient way possible. So that your transport always runs smoothly, literally and figuratively. AB Texel has almost 100 years of experience in logistics service provision in the agri, food and special transport sector. A lot of things have changed in that time, but our purpose is still the same: working with the client to make things better. We do this in our trademark down-to-earth and committed way, without any fuss. 'Simply good,’ is what we call it.

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Working for AB Texel

Our ambition is to be the most respected logistics partner in agri, food and special transport. Our staff are part of this ambition. They are qualified thanks to bespoke training, and have a thorough understanding of their profession. We also want our employees to be happy with their jobs, and to keep on working with us until they retire. That’s why we invest in our staff.

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"You go everywhere, and no two days are ever the same!”

Jorg Venema, Driver for AB Texel Nederland

"It's simply a really good company to work for."

Jan van der Werf, Driver for AB Texel Fresh

'We never encounter any difficulties and everything is arranged well.'

Ron Hartendorp, driver for AB Texel - Dry Food

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