Healthy and safe working - and with pleasure

AB Move on – training

Having skilled, professional staff is important to us – after all, they are the face that we present to our clients. The work at AB Texel is very varied, with each type of work calling for a different set of knowledge and skills. For this reason, all of our training courses are customised to fit the tasks that our drivers perform. These courses are run by our own AB Move on Academy.

We have developed training courses for every type of trailer – from belt bulker trailers and bulk tankers to walking floors and tippers – that are fully focused on AB's activities. For example, this means that we don’t have general Code 95 lessons, but instead a targeted training day where drivers have the opportunity to roll up their sleeves and practice loading and unloading. Training from which our employees learn a lot and get better at what they do: that’s what we aim to provide.

The drivers in special transport are specifically trained in accordance with the safety requirements that apply to construction sites (VCA). Drivers also attend mandatory toolbox meetings focusing on safety. AB Texel Special Transport also has the Safety Culture Ladder (step 2) certificate.

AT AB Texel, we create short e-learning items and videos that include work related tips and tricks. We share these training courses with colleagues on a regular basis, keeping the knowledge level high in an accessible way. 

AB Connect – digital communication platform

Drivers are often away from home for days at a time. To ensure that they can still communicate quickly and to keep them on top of new developments, we built our own digital communication platform: AB Connect

With the AB Connect app, our employees have all important information to hand. News reports keep them updated on the latest changes to clients’ instructions, laws and regulations, and new working methods. Consulting the drivers’ handbook, signing and saving documents, submitting expenses, and viewing pay slips and timesheets can all be done via the app.

Our employees also use AB Connect to share their opinions and ideas. We also organise polls through the app. With the touch of a button, a large number of our staff think along with us on all sorts of issues.

In addition, the app offers even more handy features. For example, ordering new work clothing and looking up the nearest petrol stations, garages or truck washes. Very practical!

AB Café


Working is a lot more fun when you have a good click with your colleagues and the company you work for. AB Texel is growing; we’re currently a team of some 2,500 employees.

It’s important to us that we have the opportunity to chat in an informal setting from time to time – as colleagues, from all levels of the organisation. So we organise the AB Café a few times a year. On these enjoyable days, colleagues from across the country get together to catch up. We also bring colleagues up to speed on the latest developments in the organisation.

Employees chat to colleagues from other divisions, to their managers or the management team, while enjoying a drink and a bite to eat. This keeps things low-key and accessible.


Healthy at work with AB Fit

Feeling fit and healthy, both mentally and physically, contributes to happy and productive employees. As an organisation we are keen to make a contribution to this, so we developed 'AB Fit'. AB Fit consists of various programmes staff can take part in.

Everyone’s different and we all have different needs, so AB Fit has a wide range of options to choose from. Staff can decide what the best option is for them personally. Options include things like individual coaching for a healthy lifestyle, a bicycle plan, debt counselling or psychological support. The AB Fit programme is available to everyone at AB Texel in the Netherlands.